I Lit These Candles With You In Mind

“I lit these candles with you in mind.” This is what Rebbetzin Judy Scheinberg of San Antonio used to tell me whenever I arrived at her home after Shabbat already began. It took us 3 hours to drive to San Antonio from the Air Force base where my husband was stationed at the time. It was either arrive after sundown or not go at all. I am grateful for the Sheinbergs warmth and love for ALL Jews, no matter if or how they observed. It continues to inspire me. My teacher Mrs. Rochel Miller (www.jewishwomensmission.com) taught me that when a woman lights Shabbat candles, not only does it bring blessings to her own home and family, but like a pebble thrown into the ocean, it creates a ripple effect reaching farther then one could ever imagine. It is obvious to me that the ripple of her blessings reached me. The benevolence of The Creator is that EVERY positive action that we do counts. You receive the blessings of lighting candles (and bring blessing to the world) even if you do nothing else for Shabbat, and even if you don’t feel connected to God. It is your right. I will light tonight with YOU in mind. I hope you do to. Shabbat Shalom.

Here is a beautiful video of women lighting Shabbat candles with AKA Pella singing http://youtu.be/eDfeoDisbrc

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