Coaching Made Me a Better Mom

Originally posted on April 24, 2013

While driving one of my daughters to an appointment yesterday, I received a phone call from another daughter who had just arrived home from school.  “Mommy, I need you! When will you be home?”   Any mother knows that “I need you” is almost always followed by a plea for food, help finding something lost,  money, homework assistance, a ride somewhere or the car keys.  This call for help was different.  She was asking me to coach her.  She had a dilemma and could not get clarity on the issue.  While I could have given her my advice, the most powerful thing I could do for her would be to ask her some powerful questions that would elicit her best thinking (not mine!)  So filtering out my own motives, we engaged in a coaching conversation that allowed her to think, feel, and ultimately gain clarity on what she needed to do. Coaching always inspires me. So does my daughter.

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