My Powerful Dream

I woke up at 2am after having an incredibly powerful dream. The dream felt so real and so clear and I immediately wrote it down. Here is what I wrote:
I entered a room (but it felt like it was outdoors) and my sister was there and she asked if we heard about the storm in Oklahoma that was happening now – that a door was here one minute and gone the next. Blown away from the strong winds. So we turned on the TV to see what was going on. Then it was suddenly storming where we were. I was outside and the storm was getting really bad. People were talking about tsunami.  Lori Palatnik (a very well known woman in Jewish outreach) was there and I asked her to promise me that God was in charge of tsunamis.  She said that she did not know for sure.  That freaked me out inside because it rocked my entire foundation. Then the storm got really bad where we were and we needed to find something to hold onto. Nothing I grasped seemed sturdy enough. Finally I found a tree and I grabbed the tree with all of my might and as the storm came and passed I screamed at the top of my lungs HASHEM ECHAD! HASHEM ECHAD! HASHEM ECHAD! (God is One! God is One! God is One!).  We made it thru the storm.

This dream was extremely clear to me and to the close people in my life who I shared it with right away.  The tsunami is the twists and turns and ups and downs of my life, the challenges and struggles. The feeling of being out of control – between my husband dealing with prostate cancer, my children in various stages of growth dealing with their own struggles, the financial challenges that so many of us are facing, the two steps forward, one step back I feel so often. Asking Lori Palatnik to promise me that God is in charge of the tsunami and her response that she was not sure is about me looking outside of myself for my faith instead of within me, where God is.  Grasping onto the tree and screaming God is One is my deep belief and knowingness that God IS the ONLY ONE who can give me true strength and security. That everything else (people, things, children, husband, jobs, friends, material objects) are all transitory and falible.  GOD is my strength, my source. And being rooted (tree metaphor) I will always make it through the storm.

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