The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”  It’s a Yiddush saying and a French and Latin one too. And we are told to have an “eyin tov” a “good eye.”

I was sitting in synagogue today. I love my synagogue. The DAT Minyan in Denver, Colorado is a shul where Jews in all shapes, sizes, stripes and colors join together for prayer, Torah study, community and Bronco Fever (i couldn’t resist!)

So I am sitting in shul and I noticed that whenever a woman or teenaged girl would walk thru the door, I would immediately find myself looking at the length of their skirt and the top of their head….hat? wig?  doily? I couldn’t believe it! This HAS to change!

It occurred to me to look at their EYES instead. THAT is where you truly can see who a person is. In their EYES.  For the SOUL is their TRUE essence. And with my eyes I can either judge and compare (an “eyin ra” a “bad eye”) or I can look into their soul and try to see who they REALLY are (an “eyin tov” a “good eye”)

I can truly see who my children are when I look in their eyes. I can see who my husband is when I look in his eyes. I can see who you are when I look in your eyes. And if you want to truly see ME….look in MY eyes, because THAT is the window to my soul.

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