I Can’t See The Mountains But I Know They Are There!

I love my morning run. Lowry Sports Park is a mile from my home. The city built the Westerly Creek dam there and being that this is Colorado, where folks are very into the outdoors, the city made the top of the dam into a running/biking/walk-your-dog path. So I run a mile to the park, run up the hill to the dam and run east for another mile where the path ends and you can turn around. I get all excited to turn around because the view of those Rocky Mountains is breathtaking!!! Here is a picture from last Monday, after it snowed (in May!)


But today, when I turned around I COULD NOT SEE THE MOUNTAINS!!! It was so overcast (we are spoiled here with 300+ days of sunshine per year) that I could not see ANY mountains at all. My first reaction was sadness. But it was quickly replaced with another thought….Just because I can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there!! They ARE there! I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow” (actually it is already out but I am not going for another run today!) and I will see them again. This was followed by my next thought…And those of you who know me already know where I am going with this….

GOD is ALWAYS THERE.  Even when I can’t see God.  As sure as I am of the Rocky Mountains being there even when it is overcast, I am sure that God is there too.

If you are not sure….feel free to borrow my belief for now and I encourage you to continue to search. You will find it for it is the Everpresent Inner Resource.

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