Blogging With My Eyes Closed!

I am so tired, but I just can’t go to sleep until I express in writing the power of Day 2. Besides, I decided that I’ll sleep in the Next World.  There is way too much to do here and now!

We began the day with an insightful, inspiring, not to mention hilarious talk “The Kabbalah of Love and Marriage” by Nilli Couzens. I heard this talk many years ago as a young(er!) wife and new(er) mother, and as I heard it again I felt so grateful that I received that gift then and that the 200 women in the room were getting it now! Timeless wisdom that can bring our marriages to a level of holiness.

We headed to Sfat for a day of spiritual melting. We learned about the spiritual ability every Jewish woman has to “Let It G0,” yand the “It” is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that might be holding us back from joy. Fear, anger, worry, guilt… Judaism gives us a venue to release us from the shackles of the past and to embrace the HOPE for the future. OK. I am more awake now! Just writing about it invigorates me!  And the ladies who led our tours today were so beautiful, radiant, elegant and incredibly down to earth and COOL!  We saw these qualities in them, and I could tell that many of the women on the trip began to feel those qualities in themselves….perhaps for the first time…..or in a very long time.

We spent time shopping, roaming the streets of Sfat and met up at The Red Hahn Restaurant, the OLDEST standing building in Sfat! I think they said it was 900 years. The women were drumming and singing and we ate and danced and sang, and felt as if we were catapolted into another dimesion.

Can you feel the MOMENTUM?


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