I Love You…NOT Like Chicken!

JWRP Day 3

I use the term “I love you” quite a lot. And I believe the people know what I mean when I say it.  When the T-Mobile guys says he can send me a replacement phone for my broken one, I might shout “I love you!”  Our course I don’t mean “I LOVE you.” What I mean is I that I am so happy that you met MY needs.  What I REALLY love is ME, not YOU! Same with when I say “I just LOVE chicken!”  I don’t LOVE chicken. Because if I really LOVED chicken, I would take care of it, not eat it! On the other hand, when I look in my childs eyes after he has just had a temper tantrum, I am able to say with all sincerity, “I love you,” THAT is real love.

There are so many amazing women on this trip and here in Israel. We all look so different on the outside, and we learned yesterday some pearls of Torah wisdom that explains our differences in personalities, desires, preferences and paradigms. Yet we have so much common ground. Our “spiritual DNA” bonds us as sisters.

One of the ladies from my city, Denver, is SO FUNNY! And I heard myself say “I love you…but not like chicken!”  And another has such an amazing positive attitude. Despite tripping at the airport and having a bruised knee, she has be able to rise to the occasion and enjoy our busy schedule, always with a smile on her face.  “I love you! But not like chicken!” I said to her!

There is a real love amongst us. A unity amongst us. The Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt because of the WOMEN. And once again we will be redeemed. I can feel it! Can YOU feel the MOMENTUM?

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