Three Amazing Days! JWRP Days 4-6

This is the first opportunity I have had to sit down and write down my experiences over the last three days! And what incredible days they have been.

Friday morning I woke up to the news that the 15-yr-old son of one of my very dear friends did, in fact have cancer. They suspected it and were waiting on tests for a few days and Friday morning it was confirmed. So as we walked from the Prima Kings to the building where we would have our program that mornng I felt quite out of sorts and in a very surreal state of mind. Our first class on the idea of modesty was extremely grounding, however, and just what I needed. Something Nili said really struck me….A smart woman dressed in skimpy clothing is like a box of Cocoa Puffs with organic wheat germ inside!  A person who wants Cocoa Puffs is not going to buy organic wheat germ, and person who wants organic wheat germ is not going to look in a box of Cocoa Puffs to find it!  Enough said!

While the class helped me to feel less shaky, I still felt so helpless, mainly because my friend was across the world dealing with this devestaing news, and I could not be there to hold her hand. You see, I was there about 9 years ago when her husband was in surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on a bone in his leg. People all over the word were praying for him and as I sat in the waiting room with her and one other friend, we prayed and prayed and prayed.  But what happened next was nothing  but a miracle! The doctor came out and said that he absolutey could not explain it, but that the tumor was GONE! It was no longer there. What they saw on the x-rays was not there! He had nothing to remove, closed him up and sent him to recovery! It was a MIRACLE!!

So I knew the power of prayer was, well….POWERFUL! So I walked up to “The Challah Lady” who was about to teach her class and asked her if she could please ask the FOUR HUNDRED women in the room to pray for this boy, Raz Rachamim ben Avraham Avinu. I cannot tell you the comort it gave to know that so many women, THE FUTURE OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE were praying for him!

Shabbos was in the air! Challah was made and we were off to the Shuk! Machane Yehuda is the place to be. I remember when I experienced my very first Friday in Israel 21 years ago. The way I aritculated it then still resonates with me. It seemed like everyone was running, simiar to the running we see in New York City. However, unlike the streets of NY, these people were running for SHABBAT!!!  Its beautiful!

But nothing is as beautiful than dancing with 400 of your sisters at the Kotel to welcome the Shabbat. And that is just what we did. We sang and danced and the circles around circles around circles were mezmorizing. A sight to be seen and an experience to be had. Women, young and old, religous and not-religious, civilians and soldiers, all singing as dancing as one.

Dinner, dancing, words of inspiration…..

We spent our third meal of Shabbat with the holy young men of the Israel Defense Force. Meeting them and speaking to them was the highlight of Shabbat. These boys make me proud to be a Jew and proud that my 9-year-old son, my youngest child of five and my only son wants to be in the IDF when he grows up.

Today was packed to the max and I should be sleeping due to exhaustion!  A trip atop Masada where our sisters who were never privleged to receive a Jewish name were able to take one on for themselves. (Note to any women thinkng of going on JWRP trip…..BRING TISSUES!)  The power of a Jewish name is hard to explain and is especially meaningful to me (see post These women emerged from this naming ceremony anew..

This JWRP trip gives moms the opportunity to feel the Power of being of Jewish women and the chance to experience not only the body of Israel but her SOUL. It is said that it was in the merit of the Jewish WOMEN that we were redeemed from Egypt. And while we are no longer slaves in Egypt, we live in a time of great difficulty for the Jewish people. Dancing with these women tonight assured me that once again we will be redeemed and once again it will be in the merit of the Jewish women! And those Jewish women are YOU!!!!

Can you feel the MOMENTUM?

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