We Are Choosers

The JWRP trip ended last night but for the participants (and us City Leaders!) the JOURNEY has just begun! It was a transformative experience and I am looking forward the July trip! I can’t wait to see who gets to come with me then!

Most of the 200 women went straight to the airport from our final banquet at Gavna. However, a few of us lucky ladies were able to stay in Israel another day or two, or Shabbat, or for me, almost a week!! So today Yael and I were able to attend the program marking the shloshim (30 days) of the 4 righteous men who were murdered in Har Nof.

Thousands of women filled the rows at The Great Synagogue on King George Street. Mrs. Racheli Frankel was the first speaker. She lost her son Naftali this summer in the kidnapping and murder of the 3 boys.One of those boys was her 16 year old son.  She is so beatutiful. She talked about the light of Chanukah and unity. What strength she has. What a role model for all of us.

Then the young widow with 9 children of Rabbi Kupinski spoke. She talked about this being the first time she had to deal with the oil and the wicks on Chanukah. Her husband usually did that…but he is gone.  She was such an inspiration. She spoke about serving Hashem not only when things are good and ideal in our eyes, but even when they are not ideal in our eyes. She was so honest and my heart goes out to her and her family.

Chaya Levine spoke last. She is so down to earth. She spoke with the same authenticity as she did at the Women In Kiruv conference just a week before the massacre in Har Nof that took her husband of blessed memory.  And she said that the Jewish Woman’s response to this tragedy is to ACT. That to respond with hate, violence or depression would be for the enemy to win. That instead, we can choose to improve ourselves one very small step at a time. She created the international movement called TAP where we each pick one small thing to work on. That small changes can bring BIG changes.

She mentioned (or maybe it was Mrs. Kopinsky or Mrs. Frankel) that we are The Chosen People.  And what immediately came to mind that we might be called The Chosen People, but what makes a person great is to be able to CHOOSE greatness.  In every single step we take each day, we have free choice. We can choose life and growth or choose depression, blame and ultimatly bitterness. What is our choice going to be? What is yours?

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