It’s the End of Summer….THAT Time of Year!

Every year around this time I am reminded about a conversation I had with my Rabbi about 10 years ago.

The summer was coming to a close and I found myself in my Rabbi’s office with a box of tissues in front of me. Full disclosure, tissues in front of me was nothing new! ANY time I was in his office during this phase of my life I was crying. Now I understand why that is…I was living in a tremendous amount of misunderstanding (as most of us innocently are) about where our experience as human beings comes from.  Thank G-d, I have been blessed to have gained an understanding of this and now my conversations are not as teary. Anyway…I digress….

So here we are ten years later, August 10th, 2015 with the summer coming to a close. I am at my office trying to finish up and I am on the phone, negotiating with my son about whether or not we were going to pool when I came home. I wanted to take him, he didn’t want to go.  After hanging up the phone, I hear myself say to my colleague, “I can’t wait for school to start!”  when I immediately got reminded of that conversation a decade ago….

After I poured my heart out to my Rabbi about all the “stuff” I was feeling, he said to me…”Chaya, please come back to me 3 weeks after school starts to talk about this.”

Well, as you might have guessed, by the time the third week of school rolled around, there was no need to go see the Rabbi. My mind had settled as it always does. (More about this in blogs to come)

The following year, a few weeks before summers end,  I got a phone call from a woman in my community. She told me that she had called the Rabbi in tears about something and the response she got from him was to call ME! She said that he told her I would know what to say to her!

“Call me back 3 weeks after school starts!”

I get reminded of this every year!

What I know now, however, is that it is NOT that my kids are home all day, or that it is super hot outside, or that High Holidays are coming soon and I have a lot of preparations to do.  It is how I THINK ABOUT my kids around all day and how I THINK ABOUT the weather or the High Holidays!  That is where the Principles of Innate Health have helped me to navigate this time of year with more ease, more joy and less stress.

Don’t worry though….If you call me during this time of year, I won’t tell you to get back to me in a few weeks!

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