Always Look for the Beautiful

I was watching a webinar of Linda Pettit where she talks about how Sydney Banks once told her to always, always, always look for the beautiful in people and in your experiences.

That really struck me and I started to get curious about that.

The other day, my 19 year old daughter who is spending her first year of college in Israel. She was currently in Eilat, the desert….actually Israel is all desert. She is an artist and she  was telling me how she misses the mountains of Colorado, because they are so beautiful to paint. She can paint the desert, but it is not as pretty as the mountains. So I shared with her this idea of looking for the beauty.

Yesterday she told me that she saw the most incredible sunrise in Eilat. How the desert was absolutely breathtaking. And it occured to me that, just like in Judaism we are told that we are responsible for the effort but not for the results… perhaps we are just responsible to LOOK for the beauty, but that we don’t have to be responsible to FIND the beauty.  I guess I thought that looking for the beauty in people (including myself) and experiences meant that I had to already know what that beauty was and it was up to me to identify it.  What I know now is that I am just asked to LOOK and Wisdom will show me exactly what it is!

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