Musings on Smoothies

A few weeks ago when I was leading a group of Denver women on a fabulous journey in Israel with the JWRP and The Jewish Experience, my friend and colleague Esther Shore told me that the best parenting advice she ever got was to realize that when her teenager was having “a thing,” to just imagine that they are in a blender! You can just watch them spin and spin and eventually the blender will stop and they will return to their senses (temporarily!)

I got to thinking about that….

Actually, I am in the blender at times too!  Thinking whirls around in my head and because of the way the neuro-pyscho-spiritual system is, our moment-to-moment thoughts become our moment-to-moment reality. And that “reality” LOOKS SO REAL! Eventually the thinking slows down (it always does) and I am back to my senses. So while teenagers may be in the blender a lot or even most of the time, I know that we are all have had our turns in the blender and will continue to have  in them as long as we live.

While there is no way I can change the system, understanding how the (simple) system works has made it so much easier for me to navigate life. I know that sometimes I will be in the blender and I know that sometimes my family members, co-workers, clients, will be too.  These experiences have gotten a lot less scary somehow. I know that eventually I (or they) will settle down.

Then I got to thinking about smoothies!  We are a big smoothie family thanks to our Vitamix and I was thinking how you throw a whole bunch of stuff in the blender like fruit, chia seeds, and even kale (don’t tell my kids!). It often looks disgusting as it mixes around like crazy, chopping, crushing, and spinning, and it makes a continuous blasting motor noise.

Eventually, however,  it is ready to settle down and that is actually what it does. It slows down and finally stops. And there is a delicous healthy smoothie to enjoy.

Life is like that. We get whirling. And while I often get caught up in the “reality” of the moment, I know at some level that I no longer have to try to figure out why and I don’t even need to try to stop it (which often can even make it stick around). Instead, I am comforted to know that it will ALWAYS settle down (because that is how it works) and a smoothie (a more settled feeling or even clarity) is always waiting for me to enjoy.



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