The Collateral Beauty of Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma

Around the time of Hurricane Harvey I was preparing a talk called Option G: Growing a Good Year Into a Great Year.  I gave the talk twice in New Jersey. The first time was the day before and the second time was the day of Hurricane Irma.  One of the points I speak about in this talk is looking for, and seeing the GOOD.  Even in the yucky stuff, there is always “Collateral Beauty.”

I realized the collateral beauty of these devastating hurricanes. During that time, for the first time in a long time, no one really cared who their neighbor voted for.  All they cared about was that each other were safe. People helped each other, no matter what color skin they had.

Have you ever noticed that people become color blind and “aisle” blind during times like these (remember September 11th?). Perhaps it is because it is during those times that we realize that we are all united in our vulnerability as human beings. We all have the same color blood and are created from the same Source.  I hope we can remember that without having to be reminded….

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