Why This Is Us Is Us

I don’t watch much TV.  For many reasons. There is one show, however that I do watch.  THIS IS US.
I watch it while running on my treadmill, and my sweat and tears combine.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that THIS IS US has gained a worldwide audience, and tissue sales have likely gone up. While the networks are generally filled with “reality tv”(which is anything but reality), and other shows that have desensitized us (and our youth – so sad) with explicit language, scenes and themes, I believe this show touches the heart and soul of a person because, although it is still Hollywood, the underlying themes are REAL. Themes we can all relate to on some level, no matter our color, sexual orientation, or income: fear, love, grief, loss, self-esteem, sickness, death, family dynamics, triumph, disappointment, facing challenges, the human desire for connection.

In today’s world that is totally upside down. In today’s world where the screaming at each side of the aisle is so loud that no one can hear anymore, THIS IS US is 40 minutes of escape into the things that really matter in life.  How we treat each other, how we work together, how we are all the same inside, no matter what the outsides look like or what our heads have been saturated with by the media.

I have to much to accomplish in this lifetime to sit around and watch TV every night. I hope you do too.
But at a time where the media is full of hate and things that truly should make us all blush, THIS IS US can be a refreshing oasis and a platform to have real, meaningful, conversations with our families, friends and fellow human beings.

One thought on “Why This Is Us Is Us

  1. It gives me hope to see that perhaps there is a television show that can benefit us. Like you, I also feel that “this world is upside down”. Therefore we need inspiration and something positive on our screens. This is how I discovered Super Soul Sunday, an Oprah show that is meant to feed our soul, heart and mind. Check it out!


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