Suicide Vaccine?

What if there was a vaccine for suicide? What if there was a way for us to inoculate our children, our loved ones, ourselves, against what are most often the precursors to suicide, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, PTSD, and other mental diagnosis that are on the up rise?

We have a vaccination and it is not in the form of an injection or a pill, but a simple understanding of how our minds actually work and, as human beings,  what our True Natures are.

Now I don’t like to grovel (ask my family), but I will do it here because I am desperate to get this information out to the masses.

So I am BEGGING you to PLEASE avail yourself to the resources below that will point you towards FREEDOM.  These resources for adults, for teens, for kids. And there are tons more resources available.

I beg of you to read, listen or watch with an open mind. There is nothing to loose except the tears we shed.


A series of podcasts by psychiatrist Dr. Bill Pettit who has helped hundreds of people get their lives back


Peace for Veterans
Imagine a world where veterans could be fully participatory in their communities, could truly leave war and troubles behind them and see that they are healthy and whole and have the rest of their lives to thrive and enjoy living again. That is not a dream, but a reality for many veterans who have learned about their psychological immune system and their innate resilience through courses and programs taught by Dr. Judith Sedgeman and other Practitioners of Innate Health.


IHEART: Innate Health Education And Resilience Training (designed for ages 11-18)


The SPARK Initiative
The S.P.A.R.K. Mentoring curricula uses age appropriate content and activities that have been proven to effectively reduce risk around high-school drop-out, drug use, bullying, suicide, depression and anxiety, while building resiliency around academic success, social-emotional skills and healthy relationships.



Peace is Possible Right Now:
Inside you; Inside your relationships, and with all of Humankind.



Changeable Podcast By Dr. Amy Johnson
Change is natural and easy. Is that your experience? What about when it comes to breaking bad habits, or ending worry or anxiety? When it comes to bouncing back from disappointment or loss, or changing habitual patterns and reactions? Most of us experience change as difficult, with results that are shallow and short-lived. But that’s only because we’re stuck in an old paradigm, using strategies that don’t go deep enough. Join psychologist and author Dr. Amy Johnson for Changeable, a podcast about a new paradigm in psychology that reveals the ironic way change really works. It’s easier than you think.


Innate Health Centre: Uncovering Resilience


Three Principles Paradigm: Unlocking the built-in logic and wisdom of the mind


What is the Three Principles Global Community?

The Three Principles Global Community (3PGC) is a non-profit organization that is committed to bringing an understanding of The Three Principles* to people throughout the world.  Our mission is to increase the number of people who are teaching, sharing and learning The Principles, and to enhance and facilitate professional collaboration in this field.
The Principles have helped people the world over to discover their own well-being and to move closer to achieving their full potential.  The Principles have had a profound impact on every aspect of life, including: education, business and leadership, addiction and PTSD recovery, athletic performance, community work, and marriage and family counseling.
Through education, coaching, research and collaboration, we intend to serve as a catalyst and a unifying body dedicated to increasing the impact of The Principles throughout the world.


Rebels for Peace is a youth-led initiative to rebel against the current thinking and mindsets that are the source of violence in Chicago. It was founded by Dajohn White with friends, and is quickly expanding to more teens while crossing neighborhood, gang, and family divides.


Joe Bailey and Associates


Three Principles for Realizing Mental Health: A New Psychospiritual View

Pages 53-68 | Published online: 19 Mar 2014

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